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The shoes of tomorrow!

How clever headline is that? … well, going back to Berlin in my mind. I mentioned in my previous post about Deichmann Design Atelier (read it here), that I will share with you my favourite pairs of all the design presented by the designers itself in Berlin last week.  All five designers had produce an great designs I have to say, it was absolutely great shoe presentation. But only two designers stayed in my mind because of their exceptional thinking, but still keeping the sophistication of a shoe design.

Just a reminder that these design are not going to be available for retail, but there is an exciting giveawa. You can vote for your favourite pair here, and be in chance to win a one of the kind in your size, as they will be produced in a limited edition of six pairs
Read more about my favourites after the jump.

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Lenka Markova, is one of the designers. As you may already know, she come from Czech. It is my nature to stay truth to my roots and support a felow persona. But not only for that, I love the design itself, and the enthusiasm that she put into it.

Lenka found inspiration in Geometric shapes. She introduced a series of -two-in-one- sandals that impressed onlookers wih their perfect proportions and polished technical finish. I honestly, when I saw them , I would absolutely love wearing them!


TCG Berlin Designers0519

TCG berlin designers 0493My second favourite were these two pairs, pums and ankle sandal boot by Sam Frenzel. Sam as a person felt really confident of what he was doing and you would just love to chat with him all day long :D. His happy mood just made you smile no matter what.

And his confidence paid off, as I have chosen not only one pair, but fall in love to both. Sam presented a three- part mini collection comprising of deep-black (my favourite when it comes to accessories and shoes) and gleaming grey high pumps, the heels of which were inspired by sails and speedboats. Sam revile if you turn the sail upside down you notice the recemblance to a heel. How fascinating that could be, when you acutally came up with this idea.

Well, what can I say, I wish I could have them all. Don´t forget to vote and be in chance to win one pair. And also stay tuned as I am still not done with Berlin – more to come about my trip and my outfit – what I wore for the presentation.


The photography and concept was created by me (Radana of TCG).

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