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TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0685

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0628

Finally I could use see the advantage of sunshine here in UK. The tempretaure has grown so fast that I did not unfortunately get ready for the summer clothes, but that doesn´t change anything. I still will be wearing my favourite skirts and sandals. I know, I know.. my skin colour is pretty much ´a sister´to a milk bottle, but what can you do? “Get fake tun girl!”

I´ve seen this Emroidered top By Malene Birger for a few months now at my work, peeple where tyring it, leaving it or passing it completely. I did not help me but wonder what is it that they don´t like? I wore it once, and totally fall in love that is a must have choice for me now, and I didn´t even got to the bottom half yet. If you looking for white top this, definitely give it a try. AG Scallop print jeans is my second SALE love, print on denim is just great, and actually I can´t see it anywhere much here in Europe, but accross the Atlantic, USA you rock it!!!

This is my daily outfit that I most likely to wear on daily basis, jeans, white top and flats. I love to dress up too, but that´s in the next post. Enjoy the sunshine if you can!

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0633
TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0631

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0633

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0654

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0655

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0683

Photography: Alexandra Mihaylova

By Malene Birger Embroidered Top
AG Scallop  print denim
Dorothy Perkings Balerinna flats

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