Thoughts about New York & Milan


Romand and Williamsn NY loft and studio
Salvator feragamo Verve Tote

You know when you have lots of thinks to do, but than you get distracted with a lovely photographs? I couldn´t help and not sharing them with you… this week, my posts are all about what´s on my mind! Today, I am thinking about streets of New York & Milan and all the things related to them. I am a girl cosmopolitan, and that´s what matter. Even thought I never been in NY, I do love it all in my heart. I guess, when you don´t have it close enough, you want it even more. The other way around is Milan,  just 1 hour and half away by plain, but that doesn´t change anything. I´ve been in Milan, and I want it still even more! This city is so beautiful. I am probably not the only one who is has great thoughts about those two cities…


dreams dont work

Milan street bikes
Roman and Williams New York Loft and Studio | Salvatore Ferragamo Verve Tote | New York Street Style | A little thought that is so true | Street of Milan

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