Palm Tree skirt look


TCG Czech outfit 0367

TCG Czech outfit 0369_0

I am in Czech at the moment, for my holiday and also visiting my parents. To be honest it is always lovely to be back. Even thought the weather hasn´t been as great as I wanted, well I did already visit the public swimming pool and manage to get ´tan´ – as you could see on my instagram - I still have a good time.  I did also shoot my outfit in city centre of Tabor. How I miss the time, just few years ago, around the corner, there was my high school. So much of memories. 

You know me with my style and the basics that I love. It will always be either basic T-shirt, top or buttom. This time, I wore very comfortable outfit and still feeling that I am dress well. I can´t get enough of wearing basics and lifted with something ´cool´as is this palm tree skirt. See what brands I am wearing below.

TCG Czech outfit 0358

TCG Czech outfit 0382

TCG Czech outfit 0372

TCG Czech outfit 0394

TCG Czech outfit 0396

TCG Czech outfit 0401
 was wearing:

H&M basic Top (shop similar here)
Topshop Palm Tree Skirt (few seasons back)
Pernille Corydon heart necklace
Marni for H&M mirror sandals

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