The Swan of Fashion – Cara Delevigne


TCG cara-delevingne-reserved-campaign7

TCG pepe jeans ss13 cara
Think of any fashion house, high street retailer,  Ready-to-wear fashion show or Haute Couture show. One name will always pop in to your mind – Cara Delevingne –  the swan of current fashion. There is no brand that would not use Cara as their model, either for catwalk, or featuring here in their campaign. The other day, I was browsing The September issue of UK Vogue, and I couldn´t laugh more than that. Cara was not only on every other page in advertorials, but also two full editorials were published with her! Is that a new era of Cara (or already running), shall Condé Nast consider of changing the prestigue name of Vogue to Carague?

It made me wonder; Is she the new Kate Moss? Or maybe Alexa Chung, with her passion to be seen on the screen? Is she a raising star, or is it going to be just a moment of desire that we will not even remember? Well, let´s wait what is going to happen, I know one thing, for now Cara is ours and everywhere!



TCG cara-delevingne-first-look-mulberry-campaign-pics-43903_w1000

TCG cara-delevingne-first-look-mulberry-campaign-pics-43902_w1000
Cara for Fendi


TCG fendi-cara-delevingne-w724

TCG fendi-cara-3


Cara for DKNY

TCG Cara-Delevigne-DKNY-advert-campaign

TCG Cara for DKNY advertorial

TCG cara delevingne dkny ss13 002

Cara for Saint Laurent

TCG cara-delevingne-stars-in-saint-laurent-autumn-campaign-34895_w1000

Cara for Reserved

Cara Delevingne for Reserved BLACK & WHITE Ad campaign (Spring S

TCG cara-delevingne-reserved-campaign7

Cara for Pepe Jeans

TCG pepe jeans ss13 cara

TCG pepe jeans ss13 cara 1

TCG pepe jeans cara

And this is just a short list of designers, brands and fashion houses.

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