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tcg black, white and colour 2593 blog ready

Here is a quick sneak peek of what I was working on last weekend. I was in the studio and shooting some pics for my blog. I am thinking of having new header, well it has been already couple years I thought about that, but you know how it is with the time.. firstly I was graduating from uni and then start working full time… there are no excuses thought, but eh…

I will also introduce few new features, the main is a new name, shorter TCG, I will explain reason when it is all done. Another feature that I can mention so far is sponsor page. This page will content the latest collection that are in style of TCG and definitely worth looking at and giving you a great showcase of the brand. It will be sponsored by individual companies or brands.

Another thing that will hopefully become visible soon here is new layout. How exciting is that? I´ve got planned few more things, but that´s a secret for now.  Wishing you Happy September as the new season is here!

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