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Watching all the fashion show from my comfortable sofa at home is quiet a relaxing thing if you compare it to the stress at fashion weeks. This year I decided I´ll be showing you a bits from fashion weeks as my personal perspective. Don´t get me wrong, I know you can get all the access trhough online vogue or style. That´s even where I always go for the first resources. They have always a great voice anyway, so why am I even considering to do any reviews, or feedback or just posting you my favourite pics of the latest looks?

I think it is the whole drama of fashion weeks. There would not be any photographes of street style if it wouldn´t be for fashion weeks, the same with models, they would not have as much of catwalk opportunities (and where the hell they would learn to walk otherwise). And what about all the celebrity endorsment. I am not gonna even go there. But one thing is for sure. Fashion week was introduced as a trading place where buyers and brands meet their business needs business deals, it is a place where newspapers and magazines get their inspirations, and of course people like Anna Wintour or Alexandra Schulman has the space to discover new talents and give a truth opinion not only to the proffesionals, but to the public such bloggers are.

At last, the fact that fashion week wouldn´t be the same without media, gives us, “online journalists who loves sharing photographes aka bloggers”  a space to progress a little bit more and be part of this as well. We are still the public for fashion industry, but everything new takes its time to be there. But how great is to see some of the bloggers at New York Fashion Week taking seat at the front row. I know that someone would disagree to this opinion, but I do beleive that new things such as new technologies are taking the right place, same it is with bloggers.

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