Jewellery designers to watch (LFW)


TCG Lily Kamper LFW IMG_2944 1

TCG Lily Kamper LFW IMG_2944 2

Last week I attended London Fashion Week (as you may already know from my Instagram or Twitter). I saw and met so many new talents. Some of them already built their way up, and the others just on the first steps towards success. This time, I certainly couldn´t find the way to the fashion part (such a funny silly thing).  Well, the time that I normally spend browsing and looking at pottential fashion brands I spent browsing the jewellery and accessory section. I did actually fidn three designers that I worth to look at in more detail. Here there is my list of jewellery designers to watch!

TCG Lily Kamper LFW IMG_2944
Lily Kamper

I´ve notice Lily Kamper´s collection straight I walked in to the room. Her booth was surronded by people, looking at the amazing colour palette of her jewellery. After a bit I got the chance to see it for myself. I haven´t met Lily there, but her life & work companion, who introduced me to the brand. You can shop Lily´s AW13 collection at Liberty.

LFW Imogen Belfield LFW IMG_2952 2

LFW Imogen Belfield LFW IMG_2952
LFW Imogen Belfield LFW IMG_2952 1
Imogen Belfield

Another jewellery brand, already established, deserves a lot of attention. Imogen Belfield focuses on jewellery sculptures in precious metals, bronze, porcelain and gem stones. She has already an amazing stockist list.
When I got to the stand full of jewellery, there she was standing with a big smile on her face. I thought I am talking to the agent, but it end up that it is the designer herself. She seemed very kind and shy, but confident when she start talking about her line, how amazing is that to meet the raising stars? You can shop her line at or Harrods.

TCG Halo and co LFW IMG_2950 1

TCG Halo and co LFW IMG_2950 2

TCG Halo and co LFW IMG_2950
The last but no least jewellery brand to watch is Halo & Co. Designers duo, sisters with a great feminist sense. Their energy was ´floating´around the room. The SS14 jewellery line is just gorgeous and very well made as well. They also have a little bit for everybody. Do you prefer dark stone with blue detailing in silver or rather pink with beige details in gold? You can shop their previous collection at

All photographes taken by me. 


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