Ganni Checked Silhouette coat look


TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5576

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5581

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5558

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5596

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5620

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5625

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5610

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5654

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5655

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5662

TCG Ganni Coat IMG_5669
H&M Skinny blue jeans with patches | Ganni Silhouette Coat | Gestuz Mary Pullover | Converse sneakers

Well, well, well, look at that coat. I got the chance to shoot this checked style by Ganni that I already showed you previously. I couldn´t resist and wear it just with classic blue jeans and white jumper. And my favourite comfortable converse! I also got a new lense for my camera (finally after 3 years of blogging and almost 5 years of loving the photography world), I got my 50mm. Still need to work the light out. But it is really excited. Enjoy the looks.

Photography by Alexandra Mihaylova. 

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