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1. Wearing Celine T-shirt
2. My new purchases: Celine Tee, Youngblood Foundation & Topshop Necklace
3.  Below the knee view
4. Me and my baby. Love him so much :)
5. In the middle of shoot for new magazine Style Edit, having just one eye done :D
6. My magnifying glass & old Vogue!
7. In shoe heaven, Russell & Bromley AW13 favourites
8. My classic #ootd, shirt, jeans and leather
9. High Winter, By Malene Birger Pola Bear jumper, isn´t he cute?
10. My two things I can´t currently be without, Mango hat and Canon 650D
11. Coffee break and my Steve Madden Shoulder Bag and Rayban sunglasses
12. I always find a time for cheesecake
13. Discovered a new cosmetic brand from New York, Laqa & Co
14. Reading a text book Writing for the Fashion Business, strongly reccomend it!



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