The Kelly Story 2/3




Kelly Wearstler is one of the three women in a business that I respect and adore. I can always look at her how far did she go, when I have feelings that my path turned the wrong way.

I knew about Wearstler designs already before, but at some point never paid attention to the detail. When I find out that all the interior designs that I like, inspired by snitch of ‘art deco’ and ‘modernism’, is her work. I couldn’t believe it. Not just that I liked some bits, but anything I found on the internet was truly her work. READ MORE AFTER JUMP!

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The Erin Story 1/3




When I saw that The Coveteur have visited Erin Wasson´s home I got the idea for this three coming posts. Not only their home, but I am/will share with you three intelectual women that influence the world of fashion and design. And personally, I adore these three women too. Introducing ERIN WASSON today. See more after the jump.

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The Stephanie Story via Minimale Animale


The perfect swimsuit that I have seen for ages, introducing Stephanie by Minimale Animale. I have discovered this brand just right now, and have to say, I love it! This particular one have probably run through the blogosphere already, but if it is worth it, I will always share it here with you. I did play little bit with photoshop as well, to add a new TCG style. See more photos after the jump.

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Monochrome minimalistic life



This is my current inspiration for my blogging and proffesional life. Not necessary stripes, but all to do with the colours, monochrome (the trend of this season) and minimalism (my secret love in fashion for minimalism is growing so fast). White represents the softness of everything I do and black has the power of decesion making, isn´t it great? Idon´t think we need that many other colour, if I ma not talking about mood. However, there is of course a love in my life right now, so I am considering a marshmallow pastell colour such as this one on my favourite T-shirt that I am just wearing today, Jac51 Marshamllow pink by American Vintage. Lovein it!!!



American Vintage Jac 51 Marshmallow

COLOUR SHOW Maybelline

TCG nailvanishes 1


130 Winter Baby Nail Vanish
77 Nebline Nail Vanish
110 Urban Coral Nail Vanish 

I was just about to find some new colour for my nails in a spring mood, definitely warm palette. Even though I like Essie or OPI, I found this COLOR SHOW by Colorana Maybelline NY and though I´ll try it. Right now I am wearing the pink one, and it is great. It has been already few days as well, and it still looking good. If you think of trying anything new? This range seems to be the one. Take care. xx

Outfit | Red Nose Day with Stella McCartney Tee

TCG outfit comic relief 5 (2)

TCG outfit comic relief 17-18

The huge global support of Comic Relief and its Red Nose Day happend the other day (15th March). As I missed the opportunity to post these photos earlier, but never mind…. The most important thing is I have add a little tiny value into it at some point. I wish I could do more, but I believe one day will come and … (will see in a future). See more photos after the jump.

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The Czech Girl in Dep online

dep magazine


One friend of mine interviewed me few months ago to publish an article about me and my blog for Vietnamese online magazine Dep, and here is the final article. Unfortunately for you guys, it is in Vietnamese, but you can still see my looks there.

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TCG on Instagram

TCG Instagram 21 700

TCG Instagram 22 700
And another instagram time (TCG on Instagram). Click to see more about my daily life on social media platform

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Balmain vs Zara

TCG zara sweatshirt detail 700px

TCG zara sweatshirt 700px

This is definitely a statement sweatshirt. When I firstly saw it on, I said I have to have it. It is an unfortunate – similar to a Balmain design. But for that reason, it is even more wanted from my side than if it would be just usual sweatshirt. Combination with white … ‘Uh ah’ I definitely getting it. See when I am coming from – The Balmain Fashion Show here. See you after jump.

Sunday inspiration mood

black on black


 My Sunday Inspiration Mood brought me here today to show you some amazing pictures that just inspire me a lot. Read and See more after the jump.

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Outfit | low budget spring summer denim

TCG outfit march Photo 14

I find the perfect pair of jeans for Spring Summer. It is the great combination of great costs and trends (low budget denim for spring).

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River Island the sister of her sister heels

TCG River Island heels



I totally getting each pair of these. Last year, I got myself a pair of black heels exactly same as at the picture above, you can see them here and here. But this season, the pastel blue is so hot… I definitely would wear the beige as well.

Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday

I don´t usually share my personal life here on my blog. But once in a while, where my closests have the right to celebrate their own day, I´ll do an exception. Today I wish Happy Birthday to my love, Ali … and actually to me as well :), as we are just two days (other years 3 days) away form each other. Who would ever believe that two pisces can be together.


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TCG´S PICK | Karl Lagerfeld Tweed Bomber


TCGs pick

KARL LAGERFELD  Tweed Bomber (Get your´s from Net-a-Porter or ShopStyle)

One of the essentials of this season is this jacket from a design house of Karl Lagerfeld. The thing that make me love this item is the actual fabric. The secret elegance in using tweed on its own body, finish it in sporty way, and “add a massive K on your chest”. And it is not just surely it! You get 4 in 1 in this jacket; bomber with black faux leather sleeves – who ever would not want it? Absolutely, faux leather sleeves were AW12 trend, but we forgive you Karl. Tweed jacket and baseball look slash sporty cover up. And of course, “the aplique”.  It is a cool and feminine jacket that will definitely adapt to our every day style, I can definitely see it on me already.

Outfit | Go ahead with red

TCG from czech 3
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