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2013 Resolutions

New Year always brings us something new, something that we don´t expect. The easiest way to predict unexpected things is to build the way up there, to follow the steps that already exist that we creates! This year, I have simply divided my resolutions into three different groups. It should help me to move forward within each one, but all of them at the end links together. I also believe a year 2013 will be very succesfull for everybody, but I will not leave it just like that and will follow my ´life strategy´ to the end of next year.
Here is a little sneak peek into my 2013 resolutions. Keep inspired and all the best in a new year.


1. Focus on health and physical exercises – this is a good as it basically means, don´t be lazy and go to gym finally!
2. Learn another language (French, or Italian) – I am bored speaking fluetly in two languages, I need one more or more?
3. Better personal management – ouch, you know when it comes to personal management, most of us fails
4. Speaking to my family more often – they are so far away, SKYPE is our best friend


1. Concentrate only on good quality content  – time to get proper camera and good lens
2. Launch the advertorials on my blog – get some constant income that will help to create a good qaulity content
3.  Better management – no doubt about this one
4. Social media running – to make you more interactive with all the following


I have always wanted to be my own boss, and feel like it – the stars are moving in my way (hehe – I wish), well I am positive person, so everything is possible.

1. Launch one of my business idea
2. Found investors




My Year Outfit Diary in Photos

Little photo diary of my outfits in 2012. For each month I have chosen the look that remains me the month. Can you beleive it I wore dress in January here in UK? Obviously I needed a jumper, but that warm was here last year, so will see what 2013 will bring us! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a lovely evening (and morning hehe). Champagne for everyone!

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Winter Wonderland

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The World´s End and the fashion

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The leopard – Winter capsule wardobe No. 8

One of my favourite piece this season is this scarf. Unfortunately, it has been so popular that it sold out almost in every store. So why do I even place it here? If I am talking about capsule wardrobe, it is a must to have a classic leopard print such as this one. I did try this scarf on and I regret I didn´t get it. But there is much more out there, diferent shapes and colours, but to remember just one thing; leopard print will stay with you from season to season.
PS: my leopard leggins that I used for shooting my header are still my loveliest piece that I wear almost daily :D


Classic white – Winter Capsule Wardrobe No.7

1. Classic White T BY ALEXANDER WANG


The perfect piece that you can add to your capsule wardrobe is very and only classic white T. It is perfect every time in your day off, even if you are in a rush and want to look good, just take it under your blazer and scarf. Voila,you casual smart outfit is ready!  Above are 2 options that I think are the perfect ones. Wang´s T with a lond sleeves looks great and American Vintage, a french brand, Jacksonville T, so comfortable that I am wearing it every time. See it here in my old post.

Sequin Cocktail Dress – Winter Capsule Wardrobe No.6

Since I have started working with many danish brands I fall in love to Day Birger et Mikkelsen, and their defusion line 2nd Day. The designs are very Scandinavian that is no secret I like, especially because of their simplicity and detailing. So today reccomendation as a must have piece in your selected capsule wardrobe is this gorgeous coktail dress with sequins by Day Birger. So is that the perfect dress for the New Year´s Eve party? Today only, you can buy them for a HALF PRICE here. Happy Christmas.


Winter Capsule Wardrobe No.5

One of the needed pieces of all capsule wardrobe is perfect and classic jeans. However I decided to show you the option of this season that is a must have. 7 For All Mankind Burgundy jeans are the perfect one. Burgundy as a seasonl colour, sneak print as it adds very special feeling to with an edgy look, plus skinny jeans always look good with heels. Perfect for our New Year´s Eve party. What§ s not love about 7 Far All Mankind.  For us living in Europe, these jeans (according my sources) are availble specifically for US continent. If you go to Selfridges or somewhere in UK, unfortenaly we find only classic colours, but who knows maybe one day. For now we have to order them online from America. ENJOY!


Winter Capsule Wardrobe No. 4


The piece number 4 that should decorated your lovelyneck and make a statement to your outfit this season is jewellery, as this chunky necklace. I personally prefer  with a gold chain, and when I saw it -I´d just love it,



Today is very great day for me and my blog. Firstly, in Czech we are celebrating Name Days and today Radana is in the Calendar, but what can I say, here in UK nobody understands it. But I love this tradition where all you friends and family think about you that particular day. I love it.

Secondly my blog is celebrating 2 years today!!! The 15th was the time when my blog got all the layouts and header!  So perfect timing. For this occassion I would like to thank to everyone who is reading my blog, without you I woudn´t be able to keep going.


Winter Capsule Wardrobe No.3

Today is a day about this coat. This one  is such a great choice to have it in your wardrobe also for a great price. See a blogger Chiara here from The Blonde Salad, she wore it in this post.  It is a great mixture of pattern and wool and great camel colour. It goes with everything and it takes you from this season, to the next one. But you know, if you fashionista like myself, next season you will want another one ;).

Zara Woolen Coat with Quilted  Sleeves

Winter Capsule Wardrobe No.2

A pencil skirt is very good choice having in your capsule wardrobe, it looks great with blazer or biker leather jacket. This one has the charcoal motive and tones that makes it look different than classic pencil skirt. It is high waisted skirt and made from the finest italian fabric, which seems more exclusive. I found it in Allsaints.


Winter Capsule Wardrobe

So I though I will share with you my winter capsule wardrobe for the next 8 days. Each day I share one item that is a must to have especially this season and it will take you to the next season as well. As a capsule wardrobe it may stay with you for many many years, so investing in these pieces is worth it!

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Arizona Muse

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