The Summer Autumn Nostalgy

In this post I did look my archive and the why and question mark is written below. But believe me, I would love to be somewhere very hot right now as I have been in Istria few weeks ago.

An autumn is for some countries a summer and logically for the rest an Autumn. A few weeks ago I was still able to wear shorts and top, however in this time, back in UK, the weather is playing with us and there is hardly an option for me to do my work; shooting my outfit outdoor (I call it my blogging work, how original).

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Second Day Jewellery Piece


What do you say about this 2nd Day Necklace? I am waiting for it to arrive, however I tried it the other day and I think it is very unusual look, so I definitely can’t wait to wear it.

2nd Day is a brand created by Day Birger at Mikkelsen, I am sure you recognise By Malene Birger, a Danish brand based in Copenhagen. 2nd Day and Day Birger are the siblings of BMB. It is not a secret anymore that I am fun of Scandinavian’s brands, and 2nd is slowly becoming one of the favourite ones. I will introduce you this brand in a future to show you also their collection. Love. R.

  • 2nd Day Chunky Necklace

  • My dream bag


    When I went to Harrods in London and stopped by the Celine store, I though I just gonna scream to see this bag. I love the details, the material, colour, the shape. Well, right now, it is just my dream bag, and if there is not any magic, I will be saving for one of those quite a while. Happy Friday everyone!

    Paris full of AdR

    Probably one of the most talk about party that will pass through all the fashion blogs today and couple days later. The H&M public relations office works pretty well and fast. Does actually Anna has any press agent, journalist, photographer that works closely on her site. That would be quite interesting to know. I just guess it had to be one of the craziest fashion party, in the middle of Paris, opening the Paris Fashion Week.

    Have you already chosen any AdR H&M piece that you really want to get? I really like some of her sunnies that is for sure.

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    The Tiger Obsession

    Pringle of Scotland

    During London Fashion, I did pop up into Brown’s hotel to see a new collection by Pringle of Scotland. A presentation showing their SS13 pieces was absolutely fab, one of the good one that I have seen that week. See for yourself, of course everyone has different opinions, but I was greatly surprise. Well, I did like their shoe collection last year, so I was definitely expecting a lot from them.

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    the bonbons aka candy shoes

    I think I am just gonna bite the heel above all over it. Do we really want to wear something like this? YES, indeed! Sophia Webster, the designer of SS13 collection had show her shoe line together in cooperation with Sister by Sibling at LFW. But what do we really think?

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    Burberry show highlights

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    LFW Day 1

    My first day  at the London Fashion Week was quite hectic, from show to a presentation to a exhibiton, to find my personal favourites. I have met so many great new designers, and their agents. One of the collection that I saw was by Elliot Atkinson, a designer that took my eyes for next season with his colour palet, very soft and easy going. I love simplicity with the certain edge when it comes to designs and he definitely got it in there.

    I did not take rapidly much clothes to London, as I planned first to stay just for one night, but at the end of the day I stayed till Monday. So had to try on different outfits with the same pieces, as a blogger, it was fun, however wear something twice during fashion week is definitely suicide, according fashion shower by Anna Delo Russo.

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    fashion tomtom

    This season I had the option to choose, either go to fashion week under my company name as a buyer, or under my blog as a who I am, who am I actually? Well, going as a buyer doesn´t have much opportunity to use all the equipment as a press does in Media launch, however it showed me the opposit side of LFW, the commercial way of how all exhibitors and people who works there treat you. As a buyer, I could do no matter I had in my mind, as the lady at the exhibiton desk told me! Did I want to take a zoo with me? No problem, you are the buyer! (exluding the press room, where is the access strickly just for press with a right badge).

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    fashion icon NYFW

    In my eyes, the people that I always watch during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York are two fashion icons, one of them is blogger, and one of them ex-editor of Russian Harper´s Bazaar. Lavendra from Man Repeller and Miroslava Duma, Russian freelance fashion writer. What do you think? I just love to see in what outfit they will show up each day.

    Today is the official day of London Fashion Week, and I am getting ready to get there already tomorrow. I´ll be posting as much as I can, but definitely check my instagram, you can find me @RadanaHruba. I hope I will get some good snaps. Happy LFW people!

     Photos taken from both icons´instagram.


    something has to be taken in world of fashion

    With all the NYFW crazinest, seeing the designers collection online, believe me I would love to be in New York right now, who woudn´t of course. But this minute, exactly right now, I have found myself on the ledge of fashion. It is is absolutely different world when you look at it from the other side. Would you say if you woudn´t be into fashion that much, Anna Dello Russo is a unbelieveably a fashion icon? So many people have to think she probably fall down from the Planet X (called F Planet btw.), don´t you think?

    Well, you are fortunately the fashion lover, who belives, AdR is ´THE FASHION ICON´! and this video above that have been released like ages ago. I know, I a bit too late with posting it, and I don´t have any excuse for it. However, don´t you just love fashion weeks and all the bloggers, who make such a diference with all the secretness from it since BrayBoy started his first occurence. Enough talking, but if you interested about people who I think are fashion icons, check back tomorrow, all in one from NYFW. Now get back to the FASHION SHOWER, play it again and memorize the rules, IT´S A MUST!!!

    The sunshine flower star

    Last week I got back from my holiday in sunny Istria. For you who doesn´t know this place, it is a place in Croatia, however the former part of Italy. People there are calling themselves Istrianian, I bet it is more polite to say I have been in Istria then Croatia, as half of them believe they should be still part of Italy. That´s why I love still going there every year. I believe everyone has a place that is like your second home, I have been going there since I was little kid and it is my really ´second home´.

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    the white sneak piece

    As I am getting busier and busier at my job, I do not forget to stay in touch what is going on in big apple. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started in New York together with global event Fashion´s Night Out. It is fantastic to see when everyone, who loves fashion get together and celebrate it on their own way. At my work, we got busy with organising fashion show to introduce our Autumn/Winter collection. We carry brands such as By Malene Birger, Day Birger, or 7 For All Mankind, but more talking about my work later on together with some sneak peak from the Fashion´s Night Out ;).

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    la princesse DJ

    Have you met this Princess?

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