golden light

The amazing finds that I just adore, all inspired by gold, that´s just what I´d like to wear.

1. Balmain jacket
2. Michael Kors watch 


Music chill out trends

Just to chill out music to follow my holiday mood right now. They are coming to the end tomorrow, so still relaxing and preparing before another exhausting week in Longon full of fashion. Enjoy.

Video via New Music Trends

Vivienne Westwood designing

While I am on holiday, the whole world of designers just finishing or starting, even thought, the last pieces of their collection for fashion weeks in September. Here is Vivienne Westwood in the studio preparing a piece for her London´s show.

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Trend Spotlight: Snake print

Aren´t they amazing? 7 For All Mankind have some incredible in house designers. I do love these in each colour available.

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Va va voom

I did introduce you on Saturday, why am I sharing with you individual pieces, ….

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Trend Spotlight – Fringe metals


A fascinating piece that I just got my attention. Keep looking …

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Trend Spotlight – army jacket

This weekend and the following week, I have wanted to share with you some key pieces that deserves the attention for upcoming AW12, before everyone reveal it at the Fashion Weeks. It is my full time job to look at the trends and give styling advice, so why not? There is lots of pieces that should be hanging in your wardrobe…. Keep reading…

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Leather muse

| H&M leather skirt| 2nd Day Tee|Leather vest from TKMaxx|Body accessory by DIVA|

I had a quite few leather days recently, but I was busy and haven´t manage to put few minutes together to take photos of the looks yet: Last week I got back from Czech, attend Day Birger Launch Event here in UK, talk to you about 2nd Day a lot (laughing), I am quite amazed by this brand. And now it is gonna be time again to pack my luggage and go…,

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Insta ´back in a future´ Life

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Introducing the 2nd Day

Introducing the new brand 2nd Day by Day Birger et Mikkelsen. I have met the people from this brand as well as Day Birger recently, they are absolutely nice and fabulous. I also adore this AW 12 video and the chosen music, the main reason why am I sharing it with you? All together – the model, music, the brand – more to come from the collection in one of the next post, so you will understand it more, what is the brand about.

Have a great start of the week! And let me know what do you think about this. Love.


On Thursday night I was attending, through my work, a launch party of Day Birger et Mikkelsen, 2nd Day and Day home here in Worcester.


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the boarder between the time

I am back in UK again, landed yesterday morning, drove back from London with my boyfriend, he got tan on his holiday, so jealous right now.


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Rose on fire

Another Editorial from Elle UK September 2012

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Another year is gone

No matter what age is she, I love her. Happy Birthday mum :*.
PS: You look like a model here, do you remember the time in France? :)

The one and only

A day in Czech is always so great, especially if you can go back in time. Last weekend I attended the Middle Ages Festival in Kralovství Danar (Danar Kingdom – the festival called like this), in place called Šelmberk. And as is my habit, do you remember this dress and shoes from last year? I have a wardrobe here in Czech, not that impressive, but I still love some pieces, so once upon a time, I wear it again and again. So apology if you get bored, but I am sure I will wear it next year again :D.

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