wearing broken shades

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Must have: mettalics

TOPSHOP Reflect  Mettalic Heels Sandals

Sunday 200512

MANGO denim jacket | ZARA basic top | LV vintage belt |NEXT trousers | cowboy boots

A night before yesterday I have celebrated the final year at the university with my friends, as you could see I was busy with no posting anything here and now still trying to get back, relax, but it seems to be unreal. In two weeks time, I am moving again to different flat for summer and after summer I will move again, who knows where I am gonna be; London, or New York, Milan, Prague etc. all of these cities are open for me, just looking for the best opportunity. I wish you a great Sunday and even better start of the week tomorrow.

A detail: Ocean blue clutch

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France diary, day 3

Even though I wished it was hotter then that I didn´t have to wear a jacket at least, but better than the English weather for sure. Day 3, we decided going to visit Marseille, an hour away from the lovely Menerbes Village, I was so dissapointed, Marseille is just like Birmingham here in UK, you can´t meet locals at all, the city is dirty, and nothing really there, and of course windy – wind is my enemy on the move. After a long walk looking for a place, where we could sit for a cup of coffee and lunch later on, we found a nice place. I can´t compare it to Avignon or Montepellier, I wasn´t lucky enough to even find some local brands where I could get some french styles, well it was Sunday, I guess, everything was closed, but I did not see anything. Stop about my travel diary, that´s not why I am doing it, but I had to share my experience. I didn´t bring much to wear, as it was just a weekend, but this Mango jumper was worth it, so comfortable. See a list below what I was wearing.

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Insta life

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Photo Diary, day 2: France, Provence

I am back, finally, finished my bachelor degree, now just waiting for the results only, but I have great news, now I have plenty of time for my blog and you my readers, so I will make sure to keep you updated by everyday post. I hope it is gonna be worth it.

Here are the photos from sunny Provence that I went end of April, just reminder, it was my late Easter vacation, before I have finished my  dissertation about blogginng, fashion and PR. If you ask me, I can say I am so knowledgeable about everything around blog and PR right now :D and fashion of course, but I guess that is the point of dissertation right? Well still have lots of photos that I have to go through, plus I have to sort out my future plans, so not that easy as you wish though. But I wish you great weekend.

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Sneak Peak: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Here we go again, H&M launched another collaboration, but this time with fashion icon and legendary Fashion Director Anna Dello Russo, the collection full of jewellery, sugnlasses, bags, shoes and also a suitcase will hit the stores on 4th October, and will be sell worldwide. See video below that is tell you a lot about Anna and her collection.

PS: please be patient with my posts, just one more week of my final year at university (scary!) and I will concentrate on you my readers, to bring to my blog some daily outfits and excellent news or style tips. If there is some particular area you would like to see, drop me an email. Love. Radana.
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Designers Remix: Resort Galapant

Stripes Fashion, a small boutique here in Worcester, own by sisters who visits Fashion Weeks every season and try to bring something new to the city. Thanks god, Worcester really need it. Two days ago, they were hosting an Evening for their customers. They invited me to take some photos for them and look at what I found out. It would not be me, I found these great pants “Galapant” by Designers Remix –  Resort Collection. Thinking about to get them? Yes, indeed. You can either order them online here or visit Stripes Fashion in Worcester. Love. Radana.

Photo diary: France, day 1

Exactly a week ago I arrived to a sunny provence in South of France. A weekend of escaping from a rainny English weather and my dissertation. We arrived to a lovely hotel from 4th Century; after 3 hours of driving, instead of 1 hour, looking for our lost wallet. The thoughts of having no money for the whole trip let us drive around and look where we could possibly drop it, and yes we found it! I never was so happy. What can you say, the holiday was amazing after all. I really miss the sunny weather and the lovely people speaking French. More photos after jump.

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Escape break

Hello loves, just leaving for a short escape to South of France, can´t wait and these things are going with me

Metal Sandals by Marni for H&M
Sunglasses by Karl Lagerfeld
Mango jumper
White Zara waistcoat

Beauty product

Ciate MISS RICH is an great product for my hands that I am really obsessed right now. And it will definitely go with me tomorrow for weekend to South of France.

Coachella Music Friday

I just found this song after many years, I completely forget about it. So relax and enjoy Coachella weekends.

Choachella Weekends

Tune the volume up! Here I brought you some inspiration what to wear for festivals, especially the one that starts today, Coachella.  If you are planning to go either this week or next week, take some inspiration with you. I wish you an amazing music chillin´ weekend, and if you are not going at all, like me, arrange your own festival at your garden, or home ;).

This fashion is available at American LF Stores.

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Steve Madden Bag

Today, when I was looking to my latest photos that I made, I found that I never gave the chance to my favourite bag stands out. You must seen it already few times, I know. It is the best purchase I ever made in 2010. Yes it has already been a while. I can wear this bag with everything, which is one of the nightmares when it comes to blogging. It is a blogger rule to have something different on the shootdays, but unfortunately, it does not happens in a real life. No matter what, I love STEVE MADDEN bag, and it will be here with me all the time. Love. Radana.

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