Pink jumper stands out at the LFW

This pink jumper and the gold necklace took lots of attentions during 1st day in London Fashion Week, which I already mentioned, also my Steve Madden bag received some positive feedback, which I was more than happy to hear that. I know how terrible I am right now with my time management, and this supposed to be on already few days ago, but I hope you understand, I am in my final year at the university, and working on my dissertation is now be my praority (of course I had to wait after fashion week), however, it brings me so many new opportunities, which I am very excited about. I also mentioned I´ll be launching new blog soon, which takes time as well, but I am sure you will love it. Enjoy this post, I hope you like my outfit, and check back soon. Love. Radana.

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LFW Day 1. Insider of Bora Aksu Show.

I brought you little bit of inside during the Bora Aksu Show during LFW. As I am finally home, where I can relax, there is still so many photos, which I would like to share.

How would you potentially describe the Bora Aksu Show? Very feminine, very interesting choice of pattern, irresistible materials. Considering the choice of music together with the clothes, it reminds me the Russian Dool, however Bora Aksu designer comes from Turkey, so lets leave it there. The materials were moving as exactly what a doll would like to wear with a chic of modernism as well as the old isnpired looks we may see there. Details, such as jacket on the dress look like two pieces, however it is one dress (the first photo below). It stands out for me. Talking about the russian doll, I am sure you all agree the pink look is the one, which refer to it. The choice of soft material and bright colours is something which I adore, I always prefer to mixed these types together, that´s why I was more then happy to see the show. Bora Aksu for me made impact in which way the fashion will go S/S season, nevertheless, be always true to yourself.

Love. Radana.

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London Fashion Week: pre-day

Just a preview of what I was wearing today for LFW, as well as some neccessary cosmetics what I had to get with me. I chose quite bright PINK jumper, my favourite colour for fashion week. Gold necklace, and my new NEON yellow nailpolish together with the jumper were taking lots of attention. Very nice for blogger. Of course I have some heels with me, but for LFW at Somerset House, the flats are the best, just advice. If you haven´t manage to come for Fashion Week at all, you can watch it online here. And I will update you again tomorrow. Stay tunned. Love. Radana.

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LFW 2012

I know I haven´t update you recently, but today I am packing for LFW, which starts tomorrow. I have few shows on my schedule, so will definitely update you about them, so stay tunned. Love. R.

Happy Valentines Day

Everywhere it is, we are surrounded by LOVE and FLOWERS, CHOCOLATE and HEARTS, THE LOVELY COUPLES and their FEELINGS and of course COLOURS like RED and PINK. On Valentine´s Day, there is a time to spend and show someone, that we care. Even if they are miles away or they just stand next to you … it has to be very special and truth to your heart.

Enjoy your Valentine´s Day my lovely readers.

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This is who I am …

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poncho arrogance

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I AM UNIQUE fashion project for Acorns

Please do not hesitate to help I Am Unique team, which I cofounded last year,  by donating little amount via justgivin online page. If you live in Worcester, Worcestershire in UK, you can even get the I Am Unique purple wristband for just £2. By supporting us, you will help the life threatened children as well as their family.

It is only few more days till main fashion event I AM UNIQUE for Acorns. It will be held in Tramps, the biggest night club here in Worcester. Take your friends and come to see the contestants competing for a title MISS and suprise this year Mr. Unique 2012.

Friday, February 10th  2012. You can miss the most spectaculor event  in Worcesterhire. I Am Unique, the event with heart, in heart of Worcester.


About I Am Unique 

Little London Story in Worcester

I am back in Worcester, while I was away, I have managed to do so many things, as well as I haven´t manage to do so many things, so i don´t know right now, if it is good or not :D. My University course starts on Tuesday, and again the I Am Unique will have its Grand Final in few days. My blog will get a new name soon, however I have to push my IS forward in front of my other activities. Well, enjoy your time browsing here. Love. Radana.

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Our mums love

Sometimes we are not lucky enough and don´t have anyone around to take photo of you, which mostly happend when I am here in Czech. But usually one person is always here for us, OUR MUMS. So I did give my camera today to my mum´s hands, and as happend; these photos is the result. Thinking about the light? – bad. The focus? – bad. Shaking hands of the phtographer? – yes. The model? – exhausted (as u see, not everything is the photographer fault). So I just wanted say, how I love and appreciate what everything my mum is doing for me, even if she still doesn´t know what she was holding this afternoon. I LOVE YOU MUM. xx

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Happy Vietnamese New Year

Happy Vietnamese New Year, especially to my lovely friend Trang.

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playing with iPhone

I had a little bit fun with my iPhone today and new application for photos editing. Haha, have a nice Sunday beauties.

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First minutes in my home

Here is my first days, hours and minutes in Czech, in my beautiful home. I haven´t manage to take properly photos, only with my iPhone. So far I manage to have my second Christmas with parents, I visit few shops and got something new ;), like that beige hat, which I fall in love, even it is about size bigger, but I got it only for £2, so you believe me I couldn´t leave it there. I met one of my old friend in coffee shop/restaurant here in Tabor. We went to one of my favourite one. Unfortunately, we haven´t talk that much, as I received call almost for 40 minutes from UK, so I have to arrange to go somewhere with her again. Yesterday evening, while I was watching movie with my parents, I had in my mind one look, what I could wear for LFW, as I bought one dress with feathers in sale, so I had to draw it down. Nothing special, but it helps me sometimes make interesting looks. And tonight I have meeting regarding one thing, what I am planning to do for a long time, it is not regarding my blog but my future, and I am very proud of it, but will see how it goes, yay. Stay tunned.

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bring the beat in!

One more shoot in my new dress from UK. I found one boutique close to where I live in UK and they have amazing stuff, you can sometimes find designer there as well, I hope I´ll be lucky. Well, I am sitting in my room in Czech, while lookin at these photos. I took them couple days ago, it was sunny and warm, I could be just like that outside without any jacket, now I am freezing here, but I wish more snow would be here. But I have still few more days, before I come back. Enjoy, as I do. R.

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leather leggins

As I arrived to my hometown yesterday evening, I have still some photos, which I wanted to share with you what I made back in UK. And  a funny thing, only two brands I wore this time, and it is retails brands, look at the bottom for more details. I wanted always wanted either leather pants or leggins, so now I finally have one. T-shirt with New York no doubt. Hope you having a good time as I do, I hope this weekend I´ll go snowboarding ;).

Also don´t forget, you can still help me by donating via page below. It is for a good cause, through IAM UNIQUE, fashion charity event in Worcester,  which I co-founded with my friends last year, we support Acorns Children Hospice this year. It is only few more weeks to the final, so lots of preparation. So please HELP:

I AM UNIQUE justgiving page 

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