off to Prague

Just packing and getting ready for trip to Czech, can´t wait to feel the snow (hopefully it´s snowing), but first stop Coffee Bolero, quick I Am Unique meeting and proper lunch, then off to Birmingham Airport, and arriving to Prague Airport, where my ´personal driver´, my mum (haha) will be waiting :). Stay Tunned. Love.  Radana.


Here in Uk it really looks like spring, yesterday was so warm, so I ask my flatmate to help mw with some shoots. The sun was strong even for the camera, but the lighting is pretty good. I like one of these days, when you can chill out outside. Today I am planning to go last shopping in sales, bcs tomorrow I am going to Czech for holiday, when I come back, it will be the busiest time, so have to get some energy at the mountains, some snowboarding and of course I will keep you updated, also so many other things what I plan to introduce you, so just stay tunned, bcs in couple of weeks, you´ll see. Love. Radana.

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spring is here

Just a preview before I will post complete look. Right now I booked my ticket to Czech and leaving soon, this Sunday. if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I will go snowboarding, hopefully there will be lots of snow. After when I came back, that will be lots of work with my university, can´t beleive it, it is only 3 months left till very end :( so soon, but well, Fashion Week is coming up as well, so many things still looking forward to do before my student life will be over. Enjoy sunny weather at least here in England.


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Hello my dearest, right now I am trying my best to keep you update it. However, I am in the middle of my examination week, I finished one assignment and another to go, but after, I promise, you going to see something what I was working on, and it took me ages to decide, if it is great idea or not, but you will see soon. I also booked fligth ticket yesterday, so Czech I am coming! Keep in touch.

Suede Ankle Boots with zipper from TOPSHOP
H&M hat 


Resolutions… hmm … really?

Look at my blogging resolution on my official facebook page, I hope all them will come true, as I will make it happend.

Remember, when I mentioned I am going for a Midnight Dinner party at my friends house? Yeah it is tonight, and I am trying to keep myself awake. But it will be fun with filming a video for their artist work. Stay tuned.

New Year celebration in Wales

Hi guys,

today is already January 3, 2012 and I did not manage you write even Happy New Year or post something nice. On 31st I left to Wales and I was without service all three days. Well, at least I had proper holiday, not stressed out about writing lovely texts to all my friends or be connected to internet. This time of the year is very busy for me, examination week is coming up soon, I have to study properly, it is my last year of university, tomorrow I have been invited to my friends house for Midnight Dinner Party, so I will not have that much of sleep. They will be filming a story, as part of who they are, check them out here. And of course I am coming to Czech after my exams and then Fashion Weeks. :)

Here is little catch up what I was doing for New Year, to show you it was worth it. I may also post my year 2011 in pictures, which I have planned for 1st January. And if you do not follow me on facebook, you should do so to find my 2012 blogging/fashion resolutions. I have also personal one, but that´s just my secret ;). so HAPPY NEW YEAR again, hope you enjoyed your ´SILVESTER´ – that´s how we called it in Czech.

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What to Wear: New Years Eve. part 3/3

New Years Eve aka romantic time with two

The last part I chose mostly because lots of my friend were telling about spending New Years Eve just with their partners, so I decided to make you girls look hot, as it is going to be very romantic. In each of my set I had to choose Stella McCartney piece, she just rocks with her collections, this time it is a satin corset, which make your body look very nice and satin is very nice material. A playsuit by 3.1 Phillip Lim will make your legs look long together with Jimmy Jo heels and of course the colour will stands out. You need to have something fierce, like this clutch by Alexcander Mc Queen is perfect. Big necklace by YSL will polish whole effect. So what do you think?

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What to Wear: New Years Eve. part 2/3


New Years Eve aka Romantic Cottage Style

I was looking for a warm jumper and then I found this lovely by Stella McCartney, she is a great designer and I adore her pieces. So this jumper with winter motives I would definitely pack with me for a weekend in Wales, where I am gonna spend my New Years Eve in romantic cottage, sounds good, doesn´t it. I also need to pack my bikini and hat, because there is a hot tub available, just the snow we will be missing, well, maybe next year :).Because of the snow, I don´t have to pack any winter boots, so I just going to take my new topshop  suede boots. Some hat, like this by Adidas is a must and of course warm socks. To finish the ´cottage´ effect I will wear a red lipstick. Everything would be nice to have packed in  weekend bag by Mulberry.

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What to Wear: New Years Eve. part 1/3

New Years Eve aka Party Bohemian Chic


Just few days till New Years Eve, and I am just thinking what I am going to wear, so I decided to help you with your decision what to wear and for what occasion, as there are so many opportunities how to spend New Years Eve. I choose three styles, which two of them, you´ll see later, but if you received a party invitation, look at this inspiration above, what I would wear, and to make it easier for you, there are also links where you can get these pieces. The bohemian Chic style is my favourite for end of the year and don´t forget to wear something shiny, like these Alice&Olivia dress or one of the headbands; it´s a must for New Years Eve. D&G Ankle Boots I chose because of the the colour. To make yourself warm, take some inspiration of vintage shape coat by Stella McCartney, I am fun of vintage looks, which this coat will definitely create for you. Not to forget mention the pearl clutch, which give you the CHIC. The whole inspiration came from the next Kate Moss model, the Burberry face; Cara Delevigne.

Stay tunned, because the next post will be second choice for celebrating New Year, and that´s how I am going to spend my New Years Eve. Love. Radana.

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Czech Christmas in UK (Happy Boxing Day)

So English Santa Claus found the way to my flat in UK, and I was so scared, that he won´t arrived. However, I celebrated the Czech Christmas, ´Jezisek´, Czech Santa Claus arrived already in the evening and I unwrapped so many of presents that night. I was preparing dinner from morning till evening too, uff, thanks god I don´t have to do it every day :D. But it was delicious. For Christmas dinner I chose to wear a gold H&M skirt, very comfortbale and simple top to make the skirt more stand out.  I was mostly thinking about comfortable way, but little bit chic style.

Tak anglický Santa Claus se přeci jenom ukázal v mém bytě v Anglii, jak já sem byla nervózní, jestli vůbec dorazí. Jelikož sem slavila české Vánoce, tak ´Ježíšek´(český Santa Claus) dorazil už po večeři, tak sem se samozřejmě hnedka vrhla na rozbalování dárečků. Celý den, od rána do večera jsem také připravovala večeři, díky bohu, že nemusím takhle vařit každý den :D, ale stálo to za to.
Také jsem se rozhodla ozdobit sama sebe, nejenom stromeček, proto jsem zvolila zlatou sukni pořízenou z H&M (velice pohodlná) spolu s jednoduchým bílým topem, aby jsem zvýraznila třpytivost té sukýnky.  Ovšem se chtěla zvolit pohodlnou variantu a zároveň to trochu dodat šmrnc.

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Merry Christmas loves

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoying your time. Love. Radana.

Isabel Marant Spotlight

Such a big shame as I missed the opportunity get these ISABEL MARANT Jeans with multicolour print embroidery (here), I already said to myself few months ago, that would be a good investment. Today I was browsing few blogs and saw one post from Chiara (from The Blonde Salad). She got the new Isabel Marant sneakers, which you are able to see in Beyonce videoclip, yeeahh, so cool. Honestly, I did not like the sneakers, it is the piece which you can either love or hate, but to be fair, slowly I really do like them more and more. So today, it brought me back to make a post about these jeans, look at these few street style photos + bonus, find the Beyonce videoclip at the end of this post.

Trošku smůla v podání sebe sama, jelikož sem trošku promarnila šanci získat tyhle jeansy od ISABEL MARANT (multicolour print embroidery) – zde. Pár měsíců zpátky jsem si řekla, že by to byla super investice a ejhle, pár měsíců už bohužel nejsou k dostání. Dneska jsem si projížděla pár mých oblíbených blogů a narazila jsem na jeden příspěvek od Chiary (z The Blonde Salad), pořídila si totiž nový tenisky od Isabel Marant, které můžete vidět v novém videoklipu právě od Beyonce. Popravdě tyhle botky zrovna v lásce nemám, je to ten jeden s kousků, který si buď zamilujeme, nebo naopak. Ale postupem času se do nich pomalu začínám zakoukávat, že se z nich stane kousek, který budu muset mít. A tím, že sem narazila na příspěvek o tehlech teniskách, mě přivedl zpátky k jeanům od Isabel Marant, tak sem se rozhodla Vám trošku zpestřit den, koukněte na tyhle super street style fotky + bonus, Beyonce videoclip (kde si mužete prohlídnout právě zmiňované tenisky) na Vás čeká dole v tomhle příspěvku.

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short walk and my pink hat

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new in, aka my first converse

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