Gestuz Coat

TCG_2137 gestuz coat


TCG_2132 gestuz coatGestuz Enid Coat


Love this jumper coat by Gestuz. If you don´t like wearing coats, because their too heavy, this is the best option. And with a great print of course.

Burgundy, shatter & print

TCG STYLE EDIT mag mood board by Radana


AG Adriano Goldshmied Shatter Legging Black  | By Malene Birger Ocilio scarf in snakeskin | Designers Remix Jumper (available exclusively in store) | REN Morrocan Rose Bath Oil and Otto Body Cream

Just the other day, I was working on a first issue of STYLE EDIT for Stripes Fashion magazine. We launched it two weeks ago, and of course you can see the mag here on Whilst I am working on the second DENIM issue, I want to share, some bits and bots that I focused on.

Here is my little mood board that I put together with seasonal colours and prints that shows Stripes collection. Burgundy is again huge in Autumn 13, you can see lots of animal print and of course the shatter style. You can shop the items above. I´d love to hear your comments beauties or send me email as you like :).

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

TCG PFW-Street-7-24_115706173371

TCG PFW-Street-5-26_132336572479

TCG PFW-Street-5-37_132339210730

TCG PFW-Street-6-6_10384284065

TCG PFW-Street-7-6_115711824620


A little post about street style at Paris Fashion Week. It is one of the best street shows from all fashion events. Enjoy.

Photography source: vogue

Inwear Leopard Coat

TCG_Inwear Leopard Coat look IMG_3572

TCG_Inwear Leopard Coat look IMG_3533
When it comes to coats I can´t ever decided which one is the perfect for me. Every season my wardrobe experience newcomers. Last year I got one coat in black, and one in camel with faux leather sleeves. Do I really want to wear them this year again?

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Zadig and Voltaire jacket

TCG look Zadig and Voltaire

TCG Blazer Zadig and Voltaire
Jacket Volta Dore Deluxe at Zadig et Voltaire

One of the jackets that catch my eye. Gold, print and masculine shape, there is no need to add anything else than: Zadig & Voltaire rock´n´roll chic! I love it!

serious fashion business board

TCG mood board IMG_3415

One of my latest purchases: Vans Cup, H&M Varsity jacket (shop at H&M) and one of the best at the end, a textbook written by Kristen K. Swanson and Judith C. Everett. It is a book that should bring you closer to an effective written communication addressing the full spectrum of the fashion industry. I have just started reading the first pages, so I can´t say yet. But if you read all reviews, you know you want this book. You can get second hand copy on amazon, I got mind from

Summertime look

TCG bench look 1 IMG_2915 TCG bench look IMG_2915

TCG bench look IMG_2879
AG 17yr distressed jeans | ZARA top (SS12) | Faith yellow sandals

Just after I got back from Czech, I shoot these pics on our garden in cafe. It was nice Summer day, really hot and I couldn´t be happier. That weekend the English weather had come, showers change to pooring rain, warm Summer wind was gone. Since then, I am not wearing anything else than jackets. Well, finally I got the chance to wear my leather, so I am not complaining.

Once in a while the sun is shining, and I hope for a beautiful Autumn, same as I remember when I first moved to UK .).

Remix Look

TCG remix coat 3352

TCG remix coat 3290
This is the last look of this week where I wore a piece by Designers Remix. My first look you can see it here, and my second here. I have an eye on this coat for so long. Every season, Charlotte Eskildsen bring same shape coat, but in different look. And every season makes me want it more! I also wore Custommade shirt, which has a lovely leopard print. I don´t normally go for orange colour, but I like this silk style. Shop my items below.  

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street style leather looks

street style
Every season leather is one of the main shooted street style item. Don´t forget to wear yours.

Source: telegraph fashion

The jumper look

TCG Designers remix jumper look IMG_3265

TCG Designers remix jumper look IMG_3181


This season I am so inspired by classic black and grey. I was always a person with a minimalistic feel, but maximalist on the other hand. I think you will be seeing lots of outfits with black, white and grey this season. I am sure I will add some colour, as there would not be happy life without colour, don´t you think? I particulary like wearing this Desingers Remix grey jumper for its texture and shape. It is definititely one of the kind. You can shop the jumper soon online at


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LFW Photo Diary

TCG street style at LFW SS14 baloons

TCG LFW ss14 IMG_2974

TCG street style at LFW SS14 detail

TCG street style at LFW SS14 IMG_2999 1

TCG Christopher Reaburn LFW SS14 IMG_2965

TCG street style at LFW SS14 bag

London Fashion Week in Somerset House and street style. 

Designers Remix look

TCG Desingers Remix IMG_3085

TCG Desingers Remix IMG_3077
This is another look that I brought to you in cooperation with Stripes and their new AW13 season. I really love this AG moto skinny jeans that look as a real leather. Thery are also very comfortable. Designers Remix shirt, on of the best sellers this season. I did shoot this look just around the corner from my home that I just recently discovered and need it to explore it more. If you like the look, find and shop below.

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NYFW Michael Kors SS14

Michael Kors SS14 Runway

TCG Michael Kors SS14 1

TCG Michael Kors SS14 2

TCG Michael Kors SS14 3

TCG Michael Kors SS14

A feminism is key. Michael Kors’s presents in fashion industry is so important as your breakfast! Do you not eat early in the morning? You miss out!

I love the sex appeal, the celebration of women of each Michael Kors shows. The basics that stands out, that’s how every women want to feel. Comfortable, but sophisticated, don’t you think?

Throughout the collection, we do see lots of repetition of same looks. It is very flattering, and of course the buyer and final customer will have enough of to choose from. But it is a Michael Kors, shouldn’t we be more excited?

Photo Source:

Jewellery designers to watch (LFW)

TCG Lily Kamper LFW IMG_2944 1

TCG Lily Kamper LFW IMG_2944 2

Last week I attended London Fashion Week (as you may already know from my Instagram or Twitter). I saw and met so many new talents. Some of them already built their way up, and the others just on the first steps towards success. This time, I certainly couldn´t find the way to the fashion part (such a funny silly thing).  Well, the time that I normally spend browsing and looking at pottential fashion brands I spent browsing the jewellery and accessory section. I did actually fidn three designers that I worth to look at in more detail. Here there is my list of jewellery designers to watch!

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NYFW Marchesa & Marc Jacobs SS14

TCG Marchesa Marc Jacobs sketch

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