NYFW Rachel Zoe & Rodarte SS14

Rachel Zoe SS14 Runway

TCG Rachel Zoe blog ready

TCG Rachel Zoe blog ready 1

Even though I never was exactly fun of Rachel Zoe herself, it doesn’t necessarily gave me the same feeling of her collection. She actually has always something for everybody. From a classic and basic piece she just makes a sensation. Look at these denim shorts, who else would put them on the catwalk? (well, I am sure we would fine anyone, but you know what I am talking about, don’t you?)

This season she brought us “an urban approach to life” on the catwalk, as journalist Jessica Bumpus stated for vogue.co.uk ( I like the phrase so much I had to stated).

The simplicity (but complex on one hand) is just a great way how to express the modern women of nowadays.

Rodarte SS14 Runway

TCG Rodarte ready blog

TCG Rodarte close ups

Rodarte, Rodarte, you are just one of the coolest brands that happens here on this planet.

All the way down the runway, punk girls are just walking to the beats and the street couture was born.

I love the fact that I am more a classic lady, but I would love wearing Rodarte. The prefect match? How about Marchesa dress with one Rodarte’s sleeveless waistcoat?

See full collection here

Photo source: vogue.co.uk

NYFW 3.1 Phillip Lim & Joie SS14

TCG 3.1 Phillip Lim Joie sketch


 Here are another two collections that I spotted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. As you may already recognise 3.1 Phillip Lim, there is also a novices that I have not seen before, Joie.

Read all about it after the jump!
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NYFW Oscar de la Renta & Proenza Schouler SS14

TCG fashion week ny oscar proenza


Here I brought you a TCG view on two collections showcasted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Get runway inpsired and insider of the two great fashion houses. Spring Summer 2014. Read more after the jump.

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Heading towards London at the moment for fashion week. My journey started lovely as I missed my first train just about 10 seconds. I run to the platform like an athlete as you probably can imagine I am wearing ankle boots with slightly higher heel, but hey I am all good, sitting in the next train.

Due to my full time job, I’ll be there just for today, to sneak peek the streets & the presentations, and further the catwalks … also from my comfortable home office.

Stay tuned & follow my Instagram.com/radanahruba (if my battery will last at least).xx

All about Fashion Week

TCG finale news

Watching all the fashion show from my comfortable sofa at home is quiet a relaxing thing if you compare it to the stress at fashion weeks. This year I decided I´ll be showing you a bits from fashion weeks as my personal perspective. Don´t get me wrong, I know you can get all the access trhough online vogue or style. That´s even where I always go for the first resources. They have always a great voice anyway, so why am I even considering to do any reviews, or feedback or just posting you my favourite pics of the latest looks?

I think it is the whole drama of fashion weeks. There would not be any photographes of street style if it wouldn´t be for fashion weeks, the same with models, they would not have as much of catwalk opportunities (and where the hell they would learn to walk otherwise). And what about all the celebrity endorsment. I am not gonna even go there. But one thing is for sure. Fashion week was introduced as a trading place where buyers and brands meet their business needs business deals, it is a place where newspapers and magazines get their inspirations, and of course people like Anna Wintour or Alexandra Schulman has the space to discover new talents and give a truth opinion not only to the proffesionals, but to the public such bloggers are.

At last, the fact that fashion week wouldn´t be the same without media, gives us, “online journalists who loves sharing photographes aka bloggers”  a space to progress a little bit more and be part of this as well. We are still the public for fashion industry, but everything new takes its time to be there. But how great is to see some of the bloggers at New York Fashion Week taking seat at the front row. I know that someone would disagree to this opinion, but I do beleive that new things such as new technologies are taking the right place, same it is with bloggers.

The THING: IT by Alexa Chung

TCG IT by Alexa Chung blog ready

IT by Alexa Chung

Among viewing all the fashion shows at MBFW New York, I couldn’t resist and share with you a new sensation in the world of fashion. The book written by Alexa Chung. It does definitely deserve the space in The THING that appears here on TCG. This editorial is a new for TCG blog, it focus on wonderful things that happens eiter as new  or maybe as a throwback too. If something wonderful happens, you know where to go.

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BMFW New York Street Style Day 1




Street Style photographes from New York Fashion Week SS14 happening right now. Didi you know you can follow all fashion weeks on pinterest and live at vogue.co.uk and their social media platfroms, such as Twitter. 
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Nude Editorial by Danny Cardozo

TCG Barbara Fialho 121


TCG Barbara Fialho 125

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TCG News

tcg black, white and colour 2593 blog ready

Here is a quick sneak peek of what I was working on last weekend. I was in the studio and shooting some pics for my blog. I am thinking of having new header, well it has been already couple years I thought about that, but you know how it is with the time.. firstly I was graduating from uni and then start working full time… there are no excuses thought, but eh…

I will also introduce few new features, the main is a new name, shorter TCG, I will explain reason when it is all done. Another feature that I can mention so far is sponsor page. This page will content the latest collection that are in style of TCG and definitely worth looking at and giving you a great showcase of the brand. It will be sponsored by individual companies or brands.

Another thing that will hopefully become visible soon here is new layout. How exciting is that? I´ve got planned few more things, but that´s a secret for now.  Wishing you Happy September as the new season is here!

Burberry Art of the Trench

TCG Burberry Art of the Trench Shanghai_Du Juan

It is all around the social media, look at Cara Delevigne´s instagram, or any other important mag accounts and you know what I am talking about. The launch of Burberry Art of the Trench in Asia yesterday evening in Shanghai. 
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Sence jewellery jungle

TCG Jewellery Jungle 0048

TCG Jewellery Jungle 0039

It is end of season Spring Summer 2013 and I can finally show you something that I have been working on for fashion company tha I work for. We use these photographes for branding, so that´s why I haven´t showed you earlier. I used two Danish brands, Sence Copenhagen jewellery and Day Birger et Mikkelsen Homewear that we stock at stripesfashion.co.uk.

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Lonely Hearts Club bra

Lonely hearts Club

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everyone! Here is my pick of the day. This cut out bra is just stunning, definitely on my wish list.
Lonely Hearts Club bra

The Swan of Fashion – Cara Delevigne

TCG cara-delevingne-reserved-campaign7

TCG pepe jeans ss13 cara
Think of any fashion house, high street retailer,  Ready-to-wear fashion show or Haute Couture show. One name will always pop in to your mind – Cara Delevingne –  the swan of current fashion. There is no brand that would not use Cara as their model, either for catwalk, or featuring here in their campaign.
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Topshop Yellow Top

TCG Outfit from Czech 0469

TCG Outfit from Czech 0456


Here is another look from back at home. I am alreadz back in UK, and back with my daily schedule. But I still can´t get over with the fact how great the light is in Czech for taking photographs. I hope you like them all, as I had such a fun. 
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Moncler x Mary Kantrantzou collaboration

TCG Moncler x Katrantzou 274

TCG Moncler x Katrantzou 494

Luxury Italian label Moncler collaborates with British young designer Mary Kantrantzou. As you may know, Mary Katranzou is a talented designer with eye on prints. Her collections are always executed so well that it takes our breath right out of us! Here is my favourite looks (and the prints).

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