Tiger Tee

TCG Tiger tee 0001

TCG Tiger tee 0024


Tiger motive had recently been showing accross few season in fashion and quite few designers picked on the trend. My passion about animals is not obvious as much as I would have to get ´a tiger´ top, hoodie or tee straight when the season kicked. But here I am standing and loving my top! I don´t think a girl can ever have enough of animals in her life, so why not to have one on a T-shirt too.



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Black and white



Sharing a little inspiration. One of those fab black and whites will go on my bathroom wall. Do you know which one? Of course the one with YSL bracelet. I love modern Art that is mixed with a little bit of nude & style.

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A little red dress

TCG Summer Red 0707

TCG Summer Red 0721

As Summer finally arrive I start looking for a perfect dress. I am very demanding when it comes to dresses, the shape, colour, the length… Just simply I can’t ever find the right one.

Every story has a happy ending, so I keep it short. This Custommade dress had surprised me with its flattering fit, you can wear it either loose to the beach, or belted as I did for the city look. Happy rest of your week :)

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Embroidered Top

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0685

TCG Emroidered TOp outfit 0628

Finally I could use see the advantage of sunshine here in UK. The tempretaure has grown so fast that I did not unfortunately get ready for the summer clothes, but that doesn´t change anything. I still will be wearing my favourite skirts and sandals. I know, I know.. my skin colour is pretty much ´a sister´to a milk bottle, but what can you do? “Get fake tun girl!”

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Selfie time!

TCG selfie 53

Just a quick updated and saying hi! So right now I am pretty busy with all the social media things going on, but if you want to stay updated, just follow me on my Instagram or Twitter. I am also newly tweeting from Papa´s Caffe (not that my blog has anything to do with it, but fashion can´t stay without a coffee and nice food), and of course, instagraming and facebooking for Stripes Fashion too.

My Trip to Berlin Photo Diary

TCG berlin photo diary 53

TCG berlin photo diary 12

Here is ´a little´photo diary from my trip to Berlin couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

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The FAVOURITE of the day

TCG alexander wang bag


Alexander Wang Shoulder Bag

Just a quick share about my latest obsession…, named as the favourite of the day. Shoulder bag by Alexander Wang in red leather. I tend to always get only black handbags. Well, recently I suprised myself and bought slightly pink(ish) and yellow bag, so getting highly outside of my comfort zone :D. And now a red is coming up? I do love this bag for the shape, colour, studs and the uniquniness to its feel (no doubt about the black one though). What do you say?

Covered in white Outfit Post

TCG covered in white 0320 TCG covered in white 0332

Happy Saturday everyone :). Here is my outfit post with a very simple and short writting. Wearing Inwear Vaida shirt that I had an eye on since the beginning of the season…. Even though I wanted to wear all white (as the title says), but find out that I am missing proper white jeans!!! Well, I think I will have to update my Capsule Wardrobe and the seasonal & additional colour that are must have to accompany the capsule pieces. My sandals are purchased on a flea market back in Croatia, I couldn´t wear them at all until now, when the weather has finally arrivedto UK. So that´s it for today.. see the directory below.

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Deichmann Design Atelier – the shoe of tomorrow

TCG Berlin Designers0532

TCG berlin designers 0521


The shoes of tomorrow!

How clever headline is that? … well, going back to Berlin in my mind. I mentioned in my previous post about Deichmann Design Atelier (read it here), that I will share with you my favourite pairs of all the design presented by the designers itself in Berlin last week.  All five designers had produce an great designs I have to say, it was absolutely great shoe presentation. But only two designers stayed in my mind because of their exceptional thinking, but still keeping the sophistication of a shoe design.

Just a reminder that these design are not going to be available for retail, but there is an exciting giveawa. You can vote for your favourite pair here, and be in chance to win a one of the kind in your size, as they will be produced in a limited edition of six pairs
Read more about my favourites after the jump.

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Isabel Marant and H&M collaboration

TCG isabel marant for hm

Just quick one ladies… a collaboration between Isabel Marant and H&M

“With her effortless style, Isabel Marant has created a widely influential and successful take on Paris chic. Mixing urban attitude, boho elegance and rock ‘n’ roll spirit, she delivers a genuine French allure. For H&M, Isabel Marant will create a wardrobe of must-have pieces inspired by her signature style. Available from November 14, 2013, in around 250 stores worldwide and online, the collection features clothing and accessories for women and teenagers. Isabel will also, for the first time, create a collection for men.”

Deichmann Design Atelier

TCG berlin designers 0493

TCG Berlin designers 0513

Hello beauties, here it is the promised post about Deichmann Design Atelier and its 2013 designs. I flew on Wednesday to Berlin to see young and talented designers that´ve been chosen to design a perfect pair of shoes in their own way for the celebration of 100th years of Deichmann. If you follow me on Instagram, you could already discover some peaks from the trip. Read more after the jump.

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AG Adriano Goldschmied complete look

TCG complete AG look 0296

TCG complete AG look 0293


Here is my look, head to toe AG Adriano Goldshmied, as another collaboration with Stripes Fashion. This Ag Cotton shirt has been one of my favourites this season. I wore it with Equniox pair of jeans that is just a smart idea for daily wear here in UK. I have to say the weather here has really cause  a problem for blogger such as me, who has only chance to shoot outfit outdoor (so far). But I´ll be exploring Berlin in couple days, yay.

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The THING: Hat dogs by W. Wegman for ACNE

TCG The THING - HAT DOGS ACNE William Wegman Limited edition 2013

Hello beauties,
I am introducing a new feature on my blog cold “The THING” that will be published irregularly, anytime when I found a great thing that will be 100% worth of sharing it with you as I absolutely fall in love to it. As there are so many interesting creations in ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC that could be covered. However, it is not simple as that, there is one condition for ‘THE THING’ to be nominated: FASHION. It has to be related to a fashion and that’ s no doubt!

Read more after the jump

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My Top 10 things

tcg top ten items

Here is my selection of TOP 10 items that I can´t be without this weekend and especially next week. This weekend hopefully will be sunny here in UK again, so I could just wear some shorts and get some tan, but busy as a business women

1. Diary in blue cover is my second head, anything that I have in my mind is there.
2. Steve Madden leopard belt is just a great accesory that either keep slipping my jeans down or just add a great touch to my outfits.

Continue reading after the jump.

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In AG Red Poppy jeans


TCG Red poppy jeans outfit 0236

TCG Red poppy jeans outfit 0196

Recently I started experimenting with colours (and also I already mentioned prints). I am not a red person at all, but I do honestly love these AG Red Poppy jeans. To calm the colour down, I choose this great By Malene Birger studded top. I love studds, and will still love them in many season coming, so I´ll keep an eye opens on talented designers.

Funny thing is that we have finally sunny days here in UK, and the light and the exposure did not let me to shoot this outfit in pleasant colours. Even though I tried to wait for sun come down little bit, but then it got much darker. Not ideal at all :D. At last, I had to use a photoshop to edit them, but still, it is not what I would like to see. But you tell me, how do you like this outfit with the AG Red Poppy skinnies?

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