Neon Look

TCG Neon colour look 53

TCG Neon colour look 02

This time, I thought about neon look, as I am quite a fan of it, but never really got any piece (I always go for my favourite black and white variations in my daily wear). But neon is such a big part of this season. You could see it on the catwalk and on the street style babes. This shirt is Danish design by Maison Scotch, a defusion line of Scotch & Soda. And of course my favourite suplhur blue pair of American brand AG that you could see already in different look here. The whole look has been shoot in collaboration with Stripes Fashion.

So far as I am looking at my outfits, I honestly do love minimalism, but I feel I always tend to dress as maximalista, what do you think?

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Pastel Colour Look

TCG Pastel colour look 06

TCG Pastel colour look 27

I put together this pastel colour look in collaboration with (yes, it is the place that I work for :), so even better). We have such cute and amazing pieces there, mostly Scandinavian. I think it is such a shame to not explore them more, here on my blog. So here we go, I decided with Stripes owners Jenny & Claire that I´ll pick up my favourite pieces and share them with you in my best.

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Piece of the day – AG Cotton Shirt

TCG Piece of the week 65

TCG Piece of the week 55

I always have an eye on shirts especially when it comes to Summer seasons. They seem to fit and flatter better on my body shape than nothing else.

The other day I was just thinking how cotton shirt is great to have whilst outside is 30 degrees (or less as it is here in UK). It keeps you both cool and warm (in the moment when you stepped in any store with air conditioners). But what can I say, keeps me warm here in UK, as you may some of you already know :D.

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Brighton Photo Diary

TCG Brighton Photo Diary 5151

TCG Brighton Photo Diary 5231

Here we go, my photo diary from Brigthon. As you can imagine what did I do…from walking on the beach to the city centre, finding good food and coffee (having an coffee expert with me that´s a must) and of course some shopping in All Saints and Urban Outfitters. Love the city, but love my city more. Btw. did I tell you that Ali (and me :D) are opening a coffee shop? So exciting, not that is my passion what so ever, but there would not be a fashion withou a proper coffee shops. Enjoy Brigthon through my eyes!

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Printed Trousers Look

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5440

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5449

Hello beautiful,

here is my little ‘brainwork’  about this outfit. I divided it in three parts (as a little test) to find out if it is easier to read it through. I might be using it more often in particular posts in a future, so you know. Keep reading.

PRINT: I finally got a printed trousers and I love them, but I do really want to experiment with prints little bit more. So I am looking for a perfect pieces as a complete look, trousers and jacket that I could wear together or separately. Of course, the blogosphere was ‘fringed’ with printed outfits all the way from beginning of this and previous seasons. But I always have my  time that feels right. That’ s about to be yourself (#1). But I wonder, what do you think about prints?

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Weekend in Brighton – Day 2

TCG Brighton Diary Day 2 Photo 80TCG Brighton Diary Day 2 Photo 04

My day 2 in Brighton last weekend was absolutely great. It was sunny and warm (thanks weather for that) and I could wear just a sandals and tee.

I don’t know if you have any habit when you go for a longer weekend holiday, but I tend to pack with me just enough. I don’t get crazy comparing to other holidays. For that reason I decided to give you few tips (especially what I found usefull) when it comes to packing.

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Weekend in Brighton – Day 1

TCG Brighton Diary Day 1 Photo 70

TCG Brighton Diary Day 1 Photo 72

If I travel for a weekend to relax and chill out, I do usually take only necessary things. That´s why everyone loves capsule wardrobe, to make it easy for yourself, and take only what you need. Of course, now I am talking about practical way, but I always love fashion, so there has to be something stylish. About a week ago me and my boyfriend decided to go for a weekend to Brighton. I knew will be mostly enjoying the time together walking by the pier, searching for a nice food and coffee. You have to think in advance what to take with you. So here is my first outfit that I wore on Saturday.


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My stylist wardrobe

TCG wearing Vogue 76

TCG wearing Vogue 92


As you may already know, I have a full time job, working as a stylist for one independent store. The other day I was putting together a holiday capsule wardrobe for our event and social media (as if I am not blogging here on TCG, I am blogging there), but don´t worry I am trying to keep up to updated you here as well. Well, as I was styling our model (and my friend, I though why not to take some photographes in my outfit that I wore to work.

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Zara leather effect shorts -new IN-


ZARA Leather Effect Shorts

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I had a short break in Brighton last weekend. And that would not be me and TCG style if I would not get something for myself. I did only go to few stores, otherwise just chilling out with my boyfriend by the beach, in restaurants, coffee shop and enjoying each other. One of the stores that I visit is high street ZARA. I saw a brown shorts in leather effect and that was a must have for me. Firstly, before I can start wearing them (we have to got a better weather here in UK), I have to tun my legs a bit, so paild after the long winter season.

May Wishlist with Avenue32

TCG_May wishlist Avenue32


As the May is here, and I haven´t wished for spring wardrobe yet, so why not now :). I have teamed up with online shopping destination Avenue32 and create this wishlist board. As the print is so in style right now, I couldn´t be left behind. And of course, minimalism and monochrome completes the TCG style.
Did you know… British Vogue named as a number 2 in their TOP 100 online stores list. That´s pretty impressive, don´t you think? But very realistic, you can find so many different and unique designers on there, and great for exploring what´s new and stylish. Of course, number 1 in the list is

Among the designers that I liked their collections are Mantu, Felipe Oliveira, Araks, Co, Barbara Casasola, Maria Francesca Pepe, Prism, Biond Costana and of course 3.1 Phillip Lim. See more about the designers and their collection on

1. FELIPE OLIVEIRA Baptista Stranger Patchwork Dress
3. 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Blush Snakeprint Satchel
5. CO Black Silk A Line Skirt
6. ARAKS Pistachio Silk Bralett
7. PRISM Burgundy Bathsheba Swimsuit
8. BIOND COSTANA Two Strap Ellisabetta Heels
9. MANTU Blue Diamond Check Trousers



Vogue Festival London Photo Diary


Photo 32


Photo 8 (1)

Here is my photo diary from Vogue Festival 2013 that was happening last weekend in London. I did go to see young talented desginers, such as Mary Katrantzou, J.W. Anderson, Jonathan Saunders and Erdém Moralioglu. talking about what it takes to be a designer nowadays. And lastly a fashion etrepreneur, founder of net-a-porte-com, Natalie Massenet that had such a inspiring talk that I am still recovering from whad did she achieved. Such an amazing lady, so I have extended my list of inspiring women in fashion business, two of them so far you can see here and here. Shortly today, here  is to take you there back with me what my eyes saw.

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By Malene Birger Jacket

TCG Outfit April 101


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new in: a sapphire stone necklace

TCG new in necklace April


Here is my beauty that I score just few days ago in H&M. It remindes me a sapphire stone necklace with an inspiration from the computer game Tetris. How cool is that?


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All Saints New Styles



Check out these new looks at All Saints. I love each of them, no necessarily I would wear all of it, but there are pieces that are on my wish list.

The White Wedge look

TCG Outfit April 47_700px

TCG Outfit April 66_700px

The White wedge look was taken during my day trip to Cheltenham, a very nice city in West Midlands that is just 20 minutes drive from my place. It supposed to be finally better – sunny and warm – well, I didn´t have to take my coat for the first time. So that´s already pretty good feeling, don´t you think? Unfortunately for us, it was constantly windy and showering, so I had always just 5 minutes to jump to the park and get some photos done. With a new lens that I borrowed from my friend – neither I or Ali didn´t know how to use it outdoor (I believe it is a micro lens, so not very ideal for outfit shoot). At the end, I had some (un)focused photographs that I can share here with you, but the most important was that we had a lovely lunch after all in lovely coffee shop, where I tasted the real English afternoon tea – I have to say, they know what´s good – follow me on Instagram to see my daily posts.

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